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For over 25 years, Christopher Radko's handcrafted holiday ornaments and decor have graced the homes of royalty, Hollywood celebrities and families world over. Christopher has been on TODAY and OPRAH, and has been featured in People, Time, Biography, and Better Homes & Gardens, to name a few. He's been called the "Ralph Lauren of Holiday Home decor." The New York Times has called him the "Czar of Christmas Present" and Huffington Post refers to him as "America's Holiday Expert." Having sold his Christmas company, and leaving that legacy in good hands for future generations, Christopher now spends his time gardening and organic farming which gives him the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Christopher has had a passion for gardening ever since he was a child growing up in the Bronx. There, his favorite playground was not some cramped cement corner of the street. Instead, his parents introduced him to a more delightful playground - the great green oasis of the Victorian Bronx Botanical Gardens. It was in these lush gardens that he first discovered the beauty and heady scent of wild lavender flowers. That once humble and almost forgotten wild herb garden where Christopher played as a child, has recently been revitalized as the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden.

Today, by recreating the garden of wonder found within his own childhood memories, and applying his lifelong love of nature and organic gardening to enhancing our lifestyles, Christopher is inspired to share this extraordinary artisan collection of spa and home fragrance products with you.

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Facebook: Christopher Radko

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