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The Heart of LAVENDER Love….

Christopher Radko Wild LavenderWhen I was 5, my mom took me to the New York Botanical Garden. There, in an herb section, I spotted white butterflies fluttering with abandon around a small silver leafed plant. “See? That’s lavender,” my mom explained. “The flowers are purple. P-u-r-p-l-e.” I got closer and inhaled the remarkable sweet spicy scent. And I couldn’t stop. I was in bliss that day. Then, for Christmas my mom gave me a teddy bear filled with dry lavender blossoms, to help you sleep,” she offered. Though winter, memories of those sun drenched days, and time with my mom, warmed my heart.

After selling my Christmas ornament company, I’ve picked up on my passion for organic gardening. Loving lavender ever since, I started collecting heirloom wild lavender seeds from France and England to start my own fields on leased land in Poland, the land of my ancestors.

I’ve found that there’s more to life than just the daily grind. Reconnecting with nature is healing. My premiere organic 100% pure lavender oil is a mainstay of my new WILD LAVENDER Luxe Spa collection. There’s no petrochemical “fragrance,” or poor man’s “hybrid” lavender here to cause allergies, and other ailments. No pesticides or herbicides to poison your skin. Ours is like no other.

Since ancient times, True Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) has been known to calm and center our mind, and relax and refresh our body. WILD LAVENDER by Christopher Radko heightens your quality of life.

Made fresh, in small batches by hand, this artisan collection features organic heirloom lavender oil, and organic shea, organic jojoba and organic avocado oils, as well as natural botanicals and anti-aging minerals to moisturize and balance your skin. It’s simply the finest lavender collection, and it’s now available to you.

We never use animal products or testing, gluten, dyes, parabens, harsh preservatives, petrochemicals, silicone, formaldehyde, MEA, SLS, DEA, or TEA. No junk or fillers here.

I am passionate about being close to nature, and sharing these gifts with you.

My mission is sharing organic garden botanicals as a path to naturally enhancing your well being.

WILD LAVENDER by Christopher Radko artisan essential True Lavender oil is skillfully blended with select organic botanicals, and enhanced with anti-aging vitamins and minerals.  Let us soothe your senses while marvelously protecting your skin.  Our home fragrance collection starts off with a petrol-free signature perfume candle, imparting a relaxing atmosphere to where you live.

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Christopher Radko at the Atlanta Gift Show

Christopher Radko at the Atlanta Gift Show

""Christopher Radko's Hudson Organics creations help you reclaim your skin, balance your mind, and liberate your spirit.  It’s the very best!

Christopher Radko

Founder, Christopher Radko's Hudson Organics

CHARITABLE CREATIONS:   I want to share the goodness of Nature,
""and continue my tradition of designing collections that make a difference to great causes.

In honor of my parents, both whom were doctors, I am donating 10% of my profits to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).


The Heart of LAVENDER Love….

  • Over 90% of all worldwide “lavender” product in the market, including in the United States, is not real lavender at all! It’s either chemically created in a lab, or it’s a poor-man’s mass produced substitute known as cloned hybrid "Lavindin” which is harsh and can burn your skin. Cloned hybrid "Lavindin” might look attractive, but it is sterile and can not produce seeds, no matter how many bees are involved. What growers don’t tell you is that the plant has to be cloned, and the oil chemically altered to scrub the harsh components out of it. Cloned hybrid "Lavindin” has none of the relaxing centering properties of true ancient heirloom lavender.
  • Over 99% percent of all lavender you can buy, especially in the United States, is NOT organic. This means you are likely to be rubbing
    your skin with the equivalent of DDT and ROUNDUP! Yikes!
  • Our pure Wild Lavender oil is steam distilled from heirloom Certified Organic plants, never laced with bug spray or weed killers.
  • Our heirloom seed grown Wild Lavender is perfume and medical grade, just as in the days of Cleopatra or Romeo and Juliette, thereby assuring you of all its centering, and relaxing properties, as well as its skin enhancing properties.
  • The Wild Lavender collection features lush nourishing ingredients such as Organic Shea, Organic Avocado, and Organic Jojoba, with
    rejuvenating antioxidants and skin balancing vitamins and minerals.
  • Our ingredients are petroleum free, gluten free, paraben, silicone, MEA, SLS, DEA, TEA, and formaldehyde free!
  • Our Wild Lavender products are VEGAN and VEGETARIAN.
  • For CHARITY, 10% of our profits go to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

The Heart of LAVENDER Love….

Think of Romeo and Juliette, and you may recall the enchanting romance of ancient summer days, when the nobles of Provence, Norfolk, or Tuscany took leave from the strife of musty crowded towns. Off they went, headed for the crisp clean air and luxurious blissful ease of their summer palaces which were romantically tucked amongst hazy purple hills and secluded meadows of Wild Lavender.

In such fields and lavender laced gardens did carefree Juliette frolic with her handsome Romeo. Both cherished these lazy soulful and sun-drenched afternoons.

Everywhere, and at any age, we can savor the serenity of sweet love again, like butterflies or skylarks, soaring even higher with each gentle warm lavender scented breeze. Lavender is as timeless as the language of Love.

The Wild Lavender Collection

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